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Not resolved

Purchased 5 Adirondack chairs 2011, ($1200). All are rotting away two totally gone and had to be thrown out.

Current three are on the way. These were stored in shed during winter. Called to complain and ask for refund as I had to purchase new chairs. Sent photos was told I need to send the chairs back to even be considered.

?? Think about this mailing three Adirondack chairs back, chairs that took. 30 min apiece to put together. And no guarantee?

I was told when I purchased them that the guarantee was 100% satifiaction. Well I am not satisfied. When I asked them where am I going to get a box to put these in they said go find one.

At this point I would rather spend my time writing about the terrible, poorly made product and spread the word of how horrible this company is in customer support. Lost a customer for life.

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